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'Scaling up' workshop with Holly Morgan

For the past 5 years, Holly has worked on refining techniques that have gained her knowledge and experience as a working professional in clay. She has run a successful ceramic business 'morganmade' and has had her work represented in over 8 retailers country wide. She has taken an interest in making large scale vessels, taught a variety of students, and through that she has come up with a workshop that focuses on wheel throwers using techniques to 'scale up' these include:

- Body & hand positioning 

- Maximising the amount of clay on the wheel 

- Upping your clay amount with bowls & bellies 

- Coil throwing 

Holly draws her experience from working underneath Potter Andrew Killick of Silenzo Pottery who's family experience in clay extends over 33 years. Intensive weekend workshops with Eric Landon of Tortus, and Paul Maysek. And working in clay full time, making and selling large vessels for 2-3 years. 

Join us for a relaxing 4 hour intimate session at your local clay studio! You will be able to learn from group discussions, demonstrations, and then you will be putting those new skills into practise with a skills based session working through each technique. You will be challenged by wrestling larger amounts of clay, and each person will walk away with something new that they can put into their practise. 

The course is designed for beginner to intermediate throwers, (you must be able to confidently throw a cylinder) and the techniques can be adapted to each persons skill level. Whether you're ready to up your amount from 500g to 1KG or 2KG to 5KG. 



If your closest clay studio fills up, please get in touch and we may be able to add another session. Minimum 4 participants for a new class to be added.

If you are interested in hosting one of these workshops, or participating in one. Send an email to to register your interest. 
Hawkes Bay, Wellington, Gisborne, and Rotorua dates TBC

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