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No experience necessary! 


​Sit down for a relaxing 1.5 - 2 hour session to make some pots on a wheel. 

Take a one on one class, bring a friend, or have a group night out (max 4). 

We talk about where the clay comes from, what glazes we use, and the life cycle of a pot - from wheel throwing through to final firing. We like to keep it as relaxing and enjoyable as possible, so it's totally up to you if you'd like to just have a go or go a bit more in depth. We can tailor the lesson and work it around your skills and experience. 

Taking bookings from ages 12 years and up - we need a bit of strength with centering the clay. 

During the lesson we make three pots, and cut one in half - to talk about the architecture of the pot and how it's put together. Usually students make a small bowl and tumbler, but we let the clay do the talking and see what happens! 

Lessons per person are $180, the price does not change if there are one or more of you. So if you're buying a lesson online as a gift, put the number of lessons in the cart per person. 

x1 Person $180 
X2 People $360

Vouchers can be arranged - just process your online order, and add a note that says the shipping address and name of the person you'd like us to send it to. 

Any questions or bookings, please send us an email at

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