We believe that each piece piece we create tells a story. Whether it's a small finger dent from making it, lines from where it has spun on a wheel, or drippy lines from where the pieces has been hand dipped in glaze. We like to show human intention in our pieces, therefore each one tells it's own beautiful story of how it was created. 

Inspired by travelling around the southern coast of France and Japan. These pieces are focused on form and function, simple lines that catch the eye. Functional art. Most of the pieces are infused with a pinch of iron sand from some of New Zealand's finest beaches, this makes them a cultural infusion with a contemporary finish made with traditional techniques. The clay used is over 60 million years old and is sustainability sourced from the Waikato - New Zealand. 


The idea behind morganmade is that it is simple, functional, and chic. Thinking about the small things; how the bowl sits in your hands, how the cup feels against your lips -striving to appreciate form and style in each of the pieces. Ideally, the person holding it will appreciate the handmade qualities of the piece and the thoughts put into each curve and line. Naturally as the collections are handcrafted each piece may have a perfect imperfection.