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Holly Rose Morgan

We believe that each piece piece we create tells a story. Whether it's a small finger dent from making it, lines from where it has been hand dipped in glaze. We like to show human intention in our pieces, therefore each one tells it's own beautiful story of how it was created. 

Whether it be fired with electricity or with flame, we make pieces that have human connection and love it when they are used in your daily rituals. We feel incredibly privileged to work with a beautiful natural material.

Holly is a full time artist, she has spent the past four years making and selling her work in her own retail space morganmade. In 2023 she relocated to her newly renovated home studio - she's hoping the new space and freedom will allow her more time to sink into her creative practise. 


Holly learnt her craft while living in Whangamata, she worked underneath potter Andrew Killick for a year. She then worked for a year from home in her car port during the warmer parts of the year, and then set up a container in town to throw in winter. Late 2019 she took on the lease for her Market St studio in Napier which she worked out of until mid 2023. She now works out of her home studio and is enjoying the slower pace which you can see is reflected in her work. 

Her work is an evolving landscape, the beginning years dedicated to refining her style and form. To now introducing new colour palettes and techniques that make her clean aesthetics rich in surface and full of thoughtful design. 

For studio visits please get in touch with the contact details below.

Napier - Hawkes Bay


In the media...

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