Inspired by travelling around the southern coast of France and Japan. These pieces are focused on form and function, simple lines that catch the eye. Functional art. Most of the pieces are infused with a pinch of iron sand from some of New Zealand's finest beaches, this makes them a cultural infusion with a contemporary finish made with traditional techniques. The clay used is over 60 million years old and is sustainability sourced from the Waikato - New Zealand. 


The idea behind morganmade is that it is simple, functional, and chic. Thinking about the small things; how the bowl sits in your hands, how the cup feels against your lips -striving to appreciate form and style in each of the pieces. Ideally, the person holding it will appreciate the handmade qualities of the piece and the thoughts put into each curve and line. Naturally as the collections are handcrafted each piece may have a perfect imperfection.   


Like most NZer's at the moment, I too was fascinated by the wonders of earth spinning on a wheel and creating something that was purposeful and meaningful.


So I signed myself up for a lesson with the only money I had spare from a cleaning job I had at the time. Whilst at the lesson I was completely besotted, and was joking with the tutor that I should've been his apprentice - because it was SO cool that he could work with clay every. day. And I don't know if it was fate or chance, but while I was there his apprentice at the time came in and resigned. I came back the following Monday, and didn't leave for an entire year. 

During that year, I learnt about throwing techniques, firing, different methods of working with clay, important aspects in running a studio, how to sell my work, how to make my own glaze, raku firing, and most importantly I developed an intuition with clay. Only something you can learn from being around it every day. 

From then on with the sales of my work I purchased my own kiln, tools & equipment, wheel etc. And put together my own home studio. I worked very hard every day building my online presence, practising my form and developing my signature range. Then along came the store and move to the Hawkes Bay.

Another fate or chance moment, walking past my now studio/store on my 29th Birthday there was a handwritten 'for lease' sign with a number. When my husband turned around to tell me to phone the number, I was already on the phone. After a proposal, and a complete life upheaval from our nest in Whangamata. We took over the lease for 4 Market St in August 2019. 

Whilst it has been a challenging year, we are in love with our wee place in the Hawkes Bay - and feel really at home amongst our community of neighbours, friends and art community. The studio/store is an ever changing landscape, always looking towards small upgrades, creating purpose, meaningful stories, and a space that inspires. We can't wait to see what 2021 brings. 


A:   4 Market St, Napier, 4110      T:   +64 27 345 0347       E:  morganmadenz@gmail.com

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