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XL Terracotta Salt Pendant
  • XL Terracotta Salt Pendant

    A large double layered handthrown wide pendant made with a salt fired terracotta blend, and a handthrown white stoneware bowl on the inside bowl - both fused to create a single dome pendant.

    This pendant is a result of pushing boundaries with clay types, temperatures and firings. A rich outer surface which you can see tones of chocolate and aubergine, there are parts that have blushes of maroon with varieties of matte and gloss. The inner white stoneware bowl nestles into the dome shape and doesnt compromise on how the light reacts, it simply offsets the exterior with contrasting colours. 


    One of the best features of this pendant is the slightly uneven rim where it has slightly warped in the firing. There are traces on the top of it where it was firing sitting on top of three pieces of wadding, and a 'birthmark' where it kissed the side of the pot is was sitting upside down on. As Chester Nealie said, some of the best pots come from the most risky of places you put them.  


    H 120mm x D 320mm Approx.


    Our favourite cord to pair with this is our cobalt blue or patterned ones, this pendant comes with high quality brass fittings and ceiling rose to suit your home upon purchase. 

    Comes with a 1m length cord, electrical certification, and can be paired with classic ivory or black cords upon request. Just add a note to your order! 


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