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February 2024

Updated: Feb 14

I've been sitting here for the past twenty minutes scrolling through old images of 2019 looking for this whimsical image to be the opening to my new journal. Slightly hazey, dreamy tones which match my chardonnay infused mood on this grey drizzly summer day.

In this haze of scrolling, it dawned upon me that 2019 was a year of firsts in my world of clay. My first website, my first yellow tinged images of terribly photographed pots, my first wood firing, my first visit to Driving Creek Railway, my first sale, my first studio - a small wooden garden shed with clay, pots, and glaze materials stacked to the ceiling with a wheel and kiln competing in the space. A salty sea breeze blowing in from the east and the sound of waves were the only welcoming positive. It was the year that I went out on my own to independently be a self supported artist, and I can see my enthusiasm and thrive to learn, soak, and immerse in clay through the old imagery I have saved in my unorganised 'downloads' folder deep in my laptop.

Which brings me to now, 5 years on, and a completely different person with opinions, outlooks, and experiences that I could have never dreamt of beyond my drafty garden shed. Today looks a little different. I live in my own home, I have a gorgeous ply lined studio with double french doors that lead out into my garden sanctuary filled with dahlias, zinnias, sunflowers, and seasonal vegetables. The views are serene in my creative nest, I often admire the old orange tree straight out the back that's boxed in with terracotta bricks. I'm proud of what I have achieved alongside my love and supporting other-half. It has been a challenging yet rewarding introduction to my life in clay - it has gone as fast as you can imagine when one has fallen deeply in love.

To the demise of my studio pottery retail store in Napier City which I had for four of those in between years, which served me well, I have sensed a confluence of learnings that I've needed to put into the world for some time. A changing of tides, but not in a drastic way - my organic and simple next steps that project inspirations that capture a certain time and place. It is how I've started to observe my work. With that, it was on my radar for a long time to start this journal - a way to connect, share, and put word to screen of the ongoings of my world at home with clay. With the flowers, figs, and foliage as my company, this feels like a new beginning. So with this first post, I'm hoping I've set the right tone.

Anyone new, you will get to know me soon enough. Every day in my world is different, with a colourful mind full of possibilities. Anything is considered.

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