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It's GOOD to be GOOD


Minimising waste on our planet by ridding the world of disposable cups.

Dishwasher safe, highly fired, and ready to use. Each cup has its own unique hand painted motif and a pinch of iron sand from NZ's coast infused into it.

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Good Cup Partners

We call it the good cup for a reason, and no it’s not because we come home by midnight and never swear, it’s because we like kind humans and doing good for others.


We think by sharing that idealism, we will get more like minded good people coming forth and reining their goodness upon us and the world. 

Each year we partner with a different organisation that we think are doing GOOD in the world - $1 from every GOOD cup purchase is donated to them to help with their efforts as we want to help promote NZ brands that are doing bloody good jobs at being excellent humans. 




An enthusiastic couple who are passionate about SAVING BEES in NZ. Click here to learn more about them >>>




Focused on Mental Health Awareness, and promoting positive change amongst New Zealanders. Click here to become part of the club >>>

$324.00 raised

Let's double it!

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