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Every little bit counts

At morganmade we try our best to be as environmentally conscious as possible. We believe the little guys have to make the change they want to see, with hope, that the big guys follow suit.


We are 99.9% plastic free, we use compostable stickers, tape, cardboard, and delivery bags when ever we can. The .1% of plastic we do use comes from the plastic bags that our clay comes delivered in after is has been dug directly from the earth. We use this as we need to retain the clays moisture and protect the clay from sunlight.

In saying that - any plastic packaging found in your deliveries is 100% recycled, which means we've been given it, or we've saved it up from other packages that have been delivered to us to assure your ceramics arrive in one piece. 


We are always trying our best to be conscious of our impact on the planet.

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