Ritual Vase

Ritual Vase


Adding a happy ritual to your day, connecting you with nature and making you smile inside. 


Each vase is glazed with morganmades new colour way 'clay' - it was created to emulate raw clay as it dries. The lines, hues, and fragility of the colour. Organic, textural, yet smooth. 


Rich in depth, yet a subtle piece to add to style in your home. 


All of the vases made for this release are hand thrown on the pottery wheel with 300g of clay and fired to 1280 degrees celsius. Each stand between 7-9cm tall and are very lightweight. Thrown in a 'freestyle' way, as opposed to a uniformed design, to appreciate form and style of each piece in its own way.

Upon purhasing one of these vases, you are accepting the handmade qualities that each piece is uniquely different and may have perfect imperfections. 


A:   4 Market St, Napier, 4110      T:   +64 27 345 0347       E:  morganmadenz@gmail.com

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