Large Wedge Vase
  • Large Wedge Vase


    The wedge series. A stylised sculptural collection of vases made in three sizes designed to challenge form and function. I thought about how flowers got placed in vases and then forgotten about because the flowers were so stunning, this way they tell a story together - creating a beautiful symbiotic flow. 


    During the creation of this vase, the glaze 'clay' was designed. A stunning muted tone that emulates the clay in the studio as it dries. A colourway that is peaceful, yet so organic. Each glazed wedge vase has it's own perfect imperfections, you can see where the glaze has overlapped and applied - giving it human intention.


    H 230mm X W 180mm 


    Made with white stoneware clay sourced from the Waikato, and blended with a pinch of sand from some of NZ's finest beaches. 

    Fired to 1300 degrees, this piece is dishwasher safe should you need to clean it and freshen it up.