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Hakame Travel Cup - Large
  • Hakame Travel Cup - Large

    Regular coffee cup, about a 10oz.


    Handpainted cobalt Hakame design with a random fishscale pattern. Each cup includes a lid and band. Design will be chosen at random as each one has been uniquely painted.


    H 110mm x W 90mm approximately 


    We love that these cups will naturally patena with age, the more use the better. Please be aware of high staining beverages such as tumeric infused drinks. High fired stoneware, they come up super well in the dishwasher. Microwave safe.


    NB: The lids can be a little stiff when they arrive, they have been seal tested with a lid that has been used for a couple of years. No leaks! 


    As these pieces are handmade, they will have slight variations to the image above. Wabi-sabi - perfect imperfections!


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