Faces Mug 3
  • Faces Mug 3


    We think less is more, and with the single line series, we think that this is the case.


    Each piece has a personified continual single line face carefully handpainted on it and fired to 1300 degrees.


    Each face is a surprise when it comes out of the kiln, as when it is painted on the product, it starts off as a quick drying light pink substance that soaks into the pot (quite different to paint) - but with heat and the magic of firing, we get this beautiful rich cobalt blue image that brings the pot to life.


    This one was designed for all you tea drinkers out there, fits snug in your hand. Created for those all day sippers.


    H 95mm x W 95mm Approx.


    Contains a pinch of sand from New Zealand’s coastlines.


    High fired stoneware, dishwasher and microwave safe.