A chance to dive into some clay and see what all the fuss is about! An introduction to clay, using the pinching method, take some time out and create your very own tumbler, planter, dish, mug, your own pièce de résistance.


    Aimed towards those that just want to have a go, it really is quite relaxing sitting there pinching, smoothing, and working away. This step by step guide will take you through everything you will need to know!


    Clay Kit Includes


    - 1kg buff clay from the Waikato.

    - Sponge (for tidying and finishing your pieces)

    - Wire (for cutting & slicing) 

    - Wooden spatular (for smoothing, decorating, patterning)

    - Comprehensive instruction guide


    Recommended for ages 8 years and up, unless guided with an adult. 


    In the guide, you will find out about the clay you are using, and what you can do with it. As well as some tips & tricks that will give you some ideas on what you can make with the kit. There a 'links' to videos, as well as a break down of techniques on how to make each item - otherwise, ditch the guide and see what happens! 


    Firing - if you wish you fire your creations, you will need to get in touch to ask about our list of potters and clubs that you can get in touch with which may fire your pots if asked nicely :) No worries if your not after this, just pop your creation in the garden and it will slowly break down to where it originally came from! 


    We strive to connect people with clay no matter what their skill level - have a go, have a laugh, but mostly enjoy! It is as fun as it looks ;)