Driving Creek Railway

A step back in time, filled with a sense of wonder and admiration. In April this year we took a road trip up the coromandel to visit the famous Driving Creek Railway - it certainly filled all expectations with its wondrous views, and quirky railway to the top of the mountain.

From a potters perspective, I found so much joy in seeing where the terracotta was dug from the side of railway hills. All of the interesting pots left along the way from previous potters taking residences there were growing all kinds of moss and lichen. While Mr Brickells legacy lived on with the stories told of chimneys pumping smoke and flames, and young potters slinging clay while dancing over the enigmatic railway. While the evidence of such a prolific pottery holds strong with the many pots stuck to kiln shelves now precariously placed as esoteric sculptures. There was still an essence of sadness and limbo since Mr Brickells departure a little over three years ago, it felt a shame that everything had seized for such a long time - but it just went to show how Mr Brickell was the breathing life force behind the operation. His passion for clay, railways, the environment, will live on with the many kind volunteers and mud enthusiasts still living up there. His legacy extends beyond the gates of the DRC and into the community. Everyone we met along the way had something wonderful to say about him and it was prevalent that he was a visionary and entrepreneur well beyond his years.

Mr Brickell now rests mid way up the mountain, we caught a glimpse of his mighty cross (which we told he placed there) in his favourite spot amongst nature. The perfect place to capture the golden hour and sip a chalice of red wine.

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