4 Market St - Napier

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Just like that - before our feel had touched the ground, we were off!

We had been looking at commercial spaces down in Napier for a long time. The city culture, vibes, and what opportunities it brought was perfect for us to take the pottery production to the next level. But where? The location of the store was going to be the most important thing. While we walked the streets talking about where our dream space would be and what it looked like, we walked around the corner and chanced upon number 4 Market St.

It was love at first sight! - the vintage decor, the large shop window to throw the pots in, a stunning mezzanine floor, it was perfect! And only a stones throw away from home and our favourite cafes and restaurants.

While it has been so hard keeping this place a secret - we are so stoked to finally have dotted the i's and crossed the t's. Now it's the fun part! Designing the layout to be functional as a studio and retail store. We are thinking a modern design, with a Japanese twist whilst bringing an artists touch to the shops layout and finishings. Mostly we are just taking it as it comes! But that's how it goes with making pots, you have to listen to your gut, tune into your intuition, and let those feelings lead you.

While we are incredibly nervous to be jumping into such a big pond, we are excited about the challenges it is going to bring and where this journey is going to take us. While we are sad to be leaving the Whangamata breaks, and sandy shores. We are excited to meet the Hawkes Bay community and find new peaks that we know are sitting on the horizon.

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